Delta Xi

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• Beamer template update
• x11log now on Github and AUR
• FH Beamer Template for Latex
• Professorship for Mobile Computing
• OSCP, finally
• TLS that really rocks
• Interviewed by DerStandard
• Watermarking generative information systems
• The perfect Vim setup
• New x11log Ubuntu packages
• Skype on headless Ubuntu server with Irssi & Bitlbee
• A robust watermarking scheme for large databases
• Why I hate XML
• Enhancing the Orange Dual Terror with an FX Loop
• Chord construction for dummies
• Boss GT-100 on Linux
• Facebook timeline image
• Guitar modes demystified
• LaTeX beamer simplified
• Blog engines suck
• IWSHM11: Structural Health Monitoring
• x11log reloaded
• DKIM public key
• Release: Open AS Communication Gateway
• A new age has begun
• usbng with tons of new features
• Data recovery in Linux systems
• New release: pam_usbng
• MySQL remote auth-bypassing exploit
• Collaboration with OWASP
• Hardening MySQL on unixoide systems
• Randomness in cryptography
• X11 keylogger w/o root-permissions
• Secure authentication systems
• Online again
• USBAuth update
• Diffie-Hellmann via SMTP
• PAM for USB storage devices
• OTPs: Using s/Key with SSH via OPIE
• Centralized logging of multiple servers
• Mtree for data integrity
• SSL certificate
• SVN server online
• Symmetric asymmetry: Beyond PGP
• Hacking your keyboard LEDs
• Key(logger) management
• SMP: Programming multiple processors
• Fun with raw sockets
• Gaming shells reloaded
• Debian on a tx3
• Lazy VLC coders
• mplayer buffer overflow
• Conditional fun
• Hello world!
Resource Type Description
Integration of data mining operations for structural health monitoring PDF Paper
x11log prebuilt Ubuntu packages deb
Open AS Communication Gateway Link Antispam appliance software-package
MySQL remote authentication bypassing exploit PDF Slideset
MySQL remote authentication bypassing exploit PDF Paper
Hardening MySQL @ OWASP Link
Hardening MySQL on Unix PDF Paper
Randomness in cryptography PDF Slideset
Randomness in cryptography PDF Paper
x11log Link Rootless X11 keylogger
Secure authentication systems PDF Hakin9 Article (German)
pam_usbng authentication module Link Ownership-based authentication through storage devices
Diffie-Hellmann via SMTP PDF A protocol to symmetric mail cryptography (German)
Sony TX3 Debian installing tutorial Plain text